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SILK UI Framework



Upgrading Silk UI

We encourage you to always upgrade to get the latest and greatest.

Silk UI has a specific team at OutSystems that is working to improve and evolve Silk UI, so periodically there will be new releases with bug fixes and new features.

We take special care in avoiding breaking changes at all costs, but be sure to review the version's history in Forge to validate how these could affect your applications.

To upgrade, follow the normal Silk UI installation process, but instead of an Install button, you will be prompted with an Upgrade button:


What qualifies as a Breaking Change in Silk UI

Anything that breaks references between modules (change of parameters, for instance) or CSS changes that affect the look and feel in an obvious way is considered a breaking change.

Checking the Version of Silk UI Installed


To check the version of Silk UI Mobile, just change the server address accordingly and access the following URL:




To check the version of Silk UI Web, just change the server address accordingly and access the following URL:



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