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SILK UI Framework



LightBoxImage Pattern

The LightBoxImage pattern is a block with placeholders for thumbnail and full-size images. To open items, the Utilities\Lightbox Block needs to be placed somewhere on the screen. You can use this pattern whenever you want to highlight and view images in detail, in a higher resolution.

How to Use the LightBoxImage Pattern

Add the full-sized and thumbnail images to the corresponding placeholders and configure if it will have Sharing Options enabled and the Group name. Additionally, you can swipe items in the same group.

Adding a Filter to an Open Image


Input Parameters

Input Name Description Default Value
Title Title of the image that will be displayed. none
Group Images in the same group will be displayed in a gallery. none

Layout and Classes


Compatibility with other Patterns

The LightBoxImage pattern can be used only with images.


Watch how the Product Overview sample uses the LightBoxImage pattern:

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