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Calendar Pattern

Silk UI Framework

We encourage the use of OutSystems UI instead. If you're looking for support to migrate your apps using Silk UI check our guide.

The Calendar pattern provides you with a date and time picker with a flat UI to display inline on the screen. It can receive lists of dates with events and it allows selection within a range of days. The calendar was created using the Pikaday.js library.

You can use this pattern to display a list of elements side by side, with a different number of items per row on different devices.

How to Use the Calendar Pattern

Use static data or a List widget inside this block to display items in a gallery pattern.


1. Upon dragging the calendar to the page, you'll be prompted to create an event.

2. To have access to the picked date, you need to create an assign to the startDate (if SelectInterval is False).

3. Set the default value of the variable PickedDate as CurrDateTime().



Listing Events of a Selected Day

1. Set the area where you want to put the list of events.

2. Create an entity with a DateTime attribute.

3. Set the entity in your EventList parameter on eventList, using the right attribute to map.


4. Add the list to the page.


5. Create a Local Variable.


6. Get another Aggregate for the Events and set a filter on the aggregate:
DateTimeToDate(Events.DateTime) = Date


Input Parameters

Input Name Description Default Value
EventList Receives a List of DateTime records that are used to highlight days as event days. none
MinDate Days before this date will be disabled. none
MaxDate Days after this date will be disabled. none
InitialDate The initially selected day for the Calendar. If not set, it will be the current day by default. Current Date
ShowWeekNumbers Displays the week number on the left side of the Calendar. True
FirstWeekDay Defines which weekday should be displayed first.
0: Sunday
1: Monday
2: Tuesday
3: Wednesday
4: Thursday
5: Friday
6: Saturday
ShowTime Displays a time picker below the Calendar. False
Show24HourFormat Changes the time picker to a 24-hour format. True
DisabledDaysList Receives a List of DateTime records that will be disabled on the Calendar. 
If this parameter is not set, all days between the MinDate and MaxDate are enabled. No default value.
DisabledWeekDays String containing disabled weekdays. If the string is empty, all weekdays are active.
Example with Sunday and Friday disabled:

0: Sunday
1: Monday
2: Tuesday
3: Wednesday
4: Thursday
5: Friday
6: Saturday 
SelectInterval Allows the selection between two dates. In this case, the Block Event "On Select" will have values for both parameters. False


Event Name Description Mandatory
OnSelect Action to execute after selecting a Calendar day. If SelectInterval is enabled, both parameters return values. If not, only the StartDate has a value. True

Layout and Classes

CSS Selectors

Element CSS Class Description
  td .is-selected Clicked day.
td .is-startrange If SelectInterval is True, this class will be the start range value.


The following sample uses the Calendar pattern:

Alternatively, you can also use the pattern by itself:

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