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SILK UI Framework

Silk UI Framework

We encourage the use of OutSystems UI instead. If you're looking for support to migrate your apps using Silk UI check our guide.


Build amazing mobile and web responsive user interfaces by drag-and-drop.

Silk UI is a fully-integrated UI framework for OutSystems.

Leverage pre-built blocks and samples to simplify and accelerate application UI development.

Mobile Apps

Build mobile user interfaces UI screens visually for phones and tablets of all sizes.

Web Responsive Apps

Build solid web responsive applications visually with instant previews for any device.

Why OutSystems Created its own Framework

In essence, we preferred to build it ourselves, to ensure a perfect fit with the platform. We wanted to make sure we could change the code when required, that it had a perfect preview in the Development Environment and that we could implement an enterprise-grade responsive behavior and native-like mobile performance.

Silk UI Support

If you have any problems, or questions with Silk UI, contact OutSystems Support.


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