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Using Taskbox in Reactive Web Apps

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  • Taskbox is part of the user interface that lets your users handle tasks issued by Business Process Technology (BPT). To show a taskbox in Reactive Web Apps, use the Taskbox Block from the Sample Reactive Taskbox component.

    Tasks list in browser / app

    Install the component and reference it in your app, then navigate to Interface > UI Flows > SampleReactiveTaskbox > Taskbox > Taskbox. We recommend that you drag the Taskbox Block to one of the layout Block, to ensure the tasks show in all screens of the app.

    Taskbox Block in Service Studio

    Create an example Process and show Taskbox

    To follow this example, create an Invoice Entity, with fields Price, Client, and isPaid. Also, create Screens to view all the invoices and create a new invoice.

    Follow the steps to create an example Process to handle invoices. Once a new invoice is created, the user needs to process the payment and manually set the status as paid.

    1. Go to the Process tab > right-click the Processes folder > select Add Process. In the Process properties:

      • Enter "InvoiceProcessing" in the Name field.
      • Double-click the Launch On field and select Server Action that creates invoices. Now a new task is created every time there's a new invoice.
      • Enter "Invoices and payments" in the Detail field.
    2. From the Process toolbox, drag Human Activity node and drop below the Start node of the Process flow. In the Human Activities properties set the following values:

      • In the Name field enter HumanActivityPayment.
      • In the Label field enter Process the invoice payment.
      • In the User field enter GetUserId(). Now the signed in user who loads the app can work on a task.
      • In the Destination list select the Screen for editing invoices and set the correct identifier. In this example we use MainFlow\InvoiceDetail in Destination and InvoiceId as the identifier. In the app users navigate to the InvoiceDetail Screen after they click the task.
      • In the Detail field: "Payment for #" + InvoiceId.

      Flow in Process

    3. Go back to the Interface tab. Navigate to UI Flows > SampleReactiveTaskbox > Taskbox > Taskbox. Drag the Taskbox Block to:

      • The Screen, if you want the Taskbox to show in that Screen only.
      • A Layout Block, if you want the Taskbox to show in all Screens of the app. In our example we put Taskbox in the main content section of LayoutTopMenu, as that is the layout the app is using.

        Taskbox Block in Service Studio

    4. Publish the app and add some sample invoices. The number of tasks shows in the widget. Click the widget to expand the list.

      Tasks count in browser / app

    Customizing the Taskbox

    To customize the Taskbox, edit the Taskbox Block. Right-click the Taskbox Block and select Open in eSpace. Edit the component and publish it. Then, refresh the references in the main app and publish the main app.

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