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How to grant and revoke granular permissions

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  • How can I give end users the ability to assign fine-grained permissions?

    For example: I want to implement permissions to View, Print, Edit and Delete and I want these roles to be granted and revoked by certain end users of the Application and not the development team.


    To give end users the ability to grant and revoke fine-grained permissions follow these steps:

    1. Create a role for each granular permission in a Module of your Application.

    2. Use the role functions to restrict or allow access on your screens and logic:

      • CheckViewRole()
      • CheckPrintRole()
      • CheckEditRole()
      • CheckDeleteRole()
    3. Create a back-office screen and use the related role actions to manage the permissions:

      • GrantViewRole(), RevokeViewRole()
      • GrantPrintRole(), RevokePrintRole()
      • GrantEditRole(), RevokeEditRole()
      • GrantDeleteRole(), RevokeDeleteRole()