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How to style the last row of a Table Records

How do I make the last row of a Table Records Widget look visually distinct?

For example: I want the last row of my LocationTable to have bold text and a line height of 50px.


To make the last row of the LocationTable Table Records Widget look visually distinct follow these steps:

  1. Add the following CSS snippet to the Style Sheet of the Screen/Block containing the Table Records Widget:

    .lastrowtrec {
        font-weight: bold; 
        line-height: 50px;

    This defines the style of a new class named lastrowtrec.

  2. Define the following code snippet as a class in the Extended Properties of the Table Record's data Row:

    data Row of the LocationTable

    If( LocationTable.List.CurrentRowNumber = LocationTable.List.Length - 1 , "lastrowtrec" , "" )

    This code snippet sets the class as "lastrowtrec" for the last row which is the row which row number is equal to the length of the list minus 1 ( to account for the zero based row number).

    If the Table Records uses pagination define the class as:

        LocationTable.List.CurrentRowNumber - LocationTable.StartIndex = Min(
            LocationTable.LineCount , LocationTable.List.Length - LocationTable.StartIndex 
        ) - 1 , "lastrowtrec" , "" 

    This generalized version of the previous code will apply the "lastrowtrec" class to the last row of each page of the Table Records.

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