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How to Export Entity Data to Excel


How can I export the data entered into an entity?


Use the Record List To Excel action to generate an Excel worksheet for the user to download.

Note: The Record List To Excel action is only available in the server actions.

​For example, add a link or button to a typical page showing data in a list. Set the Method to Submit.

Export Entity to Excel

In the screen action:

  1. Add the Record List To Excel widget to the logic;
  2. Select the data to send. In this case, the data from the Table Records widget on the page;
  3. Select the attributes to send to the Excel file.

Export Entity to Excel

Finally, add a Download widget:

  • Refer to the binary content coming from the Record List To Excel widget;
  • Give the file a good name. If the user will download the file several times, you may want to concatenate the name with CurrDateTime().

Export Entity to Excel