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How to have multiline inputs in Editable Table

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    How can I accept new lines in Editable Table with a textarea (input with >= 2 lines)?

    When I press the Enter key, the row is automatically saved.


    Editable Table does not support inputs with new lines. However, you can use JavaScript code to work around the limitation.

    1. Make sure the Text Area input has the Name property set (for example, myTextArea).

    2. Right after this input, add an Expression with the Escape Content property set to No.

    3. Change the Expression's Example property to something more meaningful, such as "<Script: Allow Enter>".

    4. In the Expression value, enter the following JavaScript code, replacing myTextArea with the name of your input:

    "<script language='javascript'>  
    $('#" + myTextArea.Id + "').keyup(function (e) { 
        if (e.keyCode == 13) {
            var ta = this;  
            var caretPos = ta.selectionStart;   
            var textAreaTxt = $('#';   
            var txtToAdd = '\n';  
            ta.selectionStart = caretPos + txtToAdd.length;   
            $('#', caretPos) + txtToAdd + textAreaTxt.substring(caretPos));
            ta.selectionStart = caretPos + txtToAdd.length;   
            ta.selectionEnd = caretPos + txtToAdd.length;   

    The script monitors the keys that the user presses in the input. If the script detects that the user pressed the Enter key, it inserts a new line and stops the propagation of the event. Therefore, the Editable Table won't see the key press.

    In the end, you should have something similar to the example below:

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