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How to generate HTML tags

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  • How can I generate HTML tags around elements of my Application?

    For example: I am concerned with the accessibility of my Application and I want to apply heading styles in a way that provides semantic markup.

    When I apply a heading style in Service Studio, the following HTML is generated:

    <span class="Heading1">Hello</span>

    But I want to ensure semantic markup and use HTML heading tags instead:



    To generate HTML tags around elements of your Mobile App and Reactive Web App use the HTML Element Widget and define the Tag Property. Use the Attributes fields to define HTML attributes.

    HTML Element Tag

    To generate HTML tags around elements of your Traditional Web Application use a Container or Placeholder Widget and add OSTagName = "<html_tag>" as an Extended Property, where <html_tag> is the HTML tag you want to use. Use the Extended Properties fields to define HTML attributes.


    Note: When using OSTagName it is possible to preview (at design time) the effects of the following HTML tags:

    fieldset section pre nav
    h1 h2 h3 h4 h5 h6
    ol ul li p
    button footer header hr small strong