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How to dynamically set the values of inputs

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  • How do I set the value of an Input when it depends on the value of another Input?

    For example: I have a Form with two dates ("From" and "To") and I want my "To" date to automatically change to one day after the "From" date.

    "From" and "To" Inputs

    Both "From" and "To" dates are defined using Input Widgets (assigned to Variables TestDate.From and TestDate.To) associated with Input Calendar RichWidgets.


    To dynamically set the "To" date to one day after the "From" date follow these steps:

    1. Enclose the "To" Input Widget and Input Calendar RichWidget in a Container and name it ToWrapper.


    2. Set the On Change>Destination property of the "From" date Input Widget to a newly created Action, in this case UpdateToDate.

      On Change Handler

    3. Add an Assign node to the UpdateToDate Action with the assignment TestDate.To=AddDays(TesDate.From,1).


      This assignment updates the "To" date and defines it as the "From" date plus one day.

    4. After the Assign node, in the UpdateToDate Action, add an Ajax Refresh and set the Widget property to ToWrapper.

      The Screen Action will look similiar to the following image:

      UpdateToDate Action

    After these steps the "To" date will change to one day after the "From" date every time the end user modifies the "From" date.

    Dynamic Inputs GIF

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