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How to dynamically resize a pop-up window

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  • How can I make my pop-up window automatically grow and shrink at runtime?

    For example: I created a pop-up window using Popup_Editor with a TableRecords; the contents of the TableRecords can be changed from the pop-up window and I want to automatically resize the pop-up window according to the size of the TableRecords.


    To make a pop-up automatically grow according to its contents, set the AutoResize property from the Popup_Editor to True.

    Pop-up AutoResize

    The AutoResize property only affects the automatic growth of the pop-up window. -To make the pop-up automatically shrink according to its contents, follow these steps:

    1. Add the following JavaScript snippet to the JavaScript property of the pop-up Web Screen:

      function PopupEditor_ForceResize() {
          var popupDiv =$(".os-internal-ui-dialog-content");
          var popupDivOldHeight = popupDiv.height();
          // reduce iframe's div height to its contents
          // pop-up editor already auto-grows, so we just need to address auto-shrink
          if (popupDiv.height() >= popupDivOldHeight) {
              return false;
          var result =, -1, -1, false, {target: popupDiv});
          if (!result) {
              // something wrong happened in resize - reset iframe's div height

      This JavaScript snippet defines a function PopupEditor_ForceResize() that you will use to shrink the pop-up window during runtime.

    2. Add the RunJavaScript action from the HTTPRequestHandler extension and set the Script property set as "PopupEditor_ForceResize()" to every action that makes your popup contents shrink.

      This will call the PopupEditor_ForceResize() JavaScript action.