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How to display input validation messages in a custom location

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  • By default, input validation messages are shown next or below the corresponding inputs.

    default input validation message location

    How can I show these messages in another location to meet business or design requirements?


    To display input validation messages in a custom location, we must hide the default messages and display the .ValidationMessage runtime properties of the invalid inputs in the custom location.

    Follow the steps below to display input validation messages in a custom location:

    1. Depending on the type of application add one of the following CSS snippets to the Style Sheet of the Screen/Block:

      For Web Applications:

      span.ValidationMessage {
          display: none;

      For Mobile Apps:

      span.validation-message {
          display: none; 

      This will hide the default validation messages.

    2. Assign <input_name>.ValidationMessage to the Value of an Expression Widget to display the validation message of the <input_name> Input in a custom location.

      custom input validation message location

      You may modify the look of the custom location validation messages by modifying the style of the Expression Widget.

      Note for Web Applications: If you are using the Ajax Submit Method to submit your Form don't forget to Ajax Refresh the Expression Widget.

    After these steps the input validation messages will appear in a custom location at runtime:

    custom input validation message location