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Applies only to Traditional Web Apps

How to create a search field with autocomplete in a Traditional Web App

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  • If you have a long list of results to filter, using the Dropdown Select pattern may impact the performance of your app since it returns the unfiltered results before filtering them in the client side.

    To filter the results in the server side and send the filtered list to your app you can use the Input_AutoComplete rich widget.

    To use Input_AutoComplete with an input widget follow these steps:

    1. In the module which contains the input widget to which you want to add the auto complete to, open Manage Dependencies and add the following dependencies:

      • Add the Input_AutoComplete rich widget and the Input_AutoComplete_ShowList action from the RichWidgets producer.
    2. Set the Name and Variable properties of the search field input widget to a Local Variable (in this case UserSearch and Name_Search).

    3. Add an Input_AutoComplete RichWidget next to the input widget and set the InputWidgetId property to the Id of the input.

    4. Set the On Notify>Destination property of Input_AutoComplete to a newly created Screen Action, in this case UsersAutoComplete.

    5. Add an Aggregate to the Screen Action and create a Filter using the Local Variable to limit the query results according to what's typed in the Input Widget.

      In this case the Filter Users.Name like Name_Search+"%" only retrieves users whose Name Attribute starts with what's typed in the Input Widget.

    6. Add an Input_AutoComplete_ShowList Server Action after the Aggregate.

    7. Set the Action>InputWidgetId property to the Id of the Input and the Action>List to the Aggregate's List, in this case GetUsersforAutoComplete.List.

      Be sure to map the Label and Identifier properties. The Label holds the value displayed in the autocomplete list, and the Identifier holds the Identifier of those values.

      The Screen Action should look similar to the following image.

      The action queries the database for the autocomplete suggestions that appear below the Input field.

    8. Publish the module by selecting 1-Click Publish.

    After these steps the search field in your app shows a list of suggestions that changes as you type.

    To access the Identifier of the selected user use the Input_AutoComplete_GetIdentifier Server Action from the RichWidgets module. Before using this action you have to add it as a dependency to your module.