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How to create a search field with autocomplete

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  • How can I implement an input field that has word prediction without using scafolding or SILKUI Select2?

    For example: I have a search field where I want to choose a user; I want to dynamically query the database while I type to be presented with a list of suggestions. Since I have a long list of users I would prefer to avoid using Select2 which has to return all of my users to populate a Combo Box or List Box before being able to start the client-side filtering.


    To create a search field with autocomplete follow these steps:

    1. Set the Nameand Variable properties of the search field Input Widget to a Local Variable (in this case UserSearch and Name_Search).

    2. Add an Input_AutoComplete RichWidget next to the Input Widget and set the InputWidgetId property to the Id of the Input.

    3. Set the On Notify>Destination property of Input_AutoComplete to a newly created Screen Action, in this case UsersAutoComplete.

    4. Add an Aggregate to the Screen Action and create a Filter using the Local Variable to limit the query results according to what is typed in the Input Widget.

      In this case the Filter Users.Name like "%"+Name_Search+"%" only retrieves users whose Name Attribute includes what is typed in the Input Widget.

    5. Add an Input_AutoComplete_ShowList Server Action after the Aggregate.

      Set the Action>InputWidgetId property to the Id of the Input and the Action>List to the Aggregate's List, in this case GetUsersforAutoComplete.List.

      Be sure to map the Labeland Identifier properties; the Label holds the value displayed in the autocomplete list and the Identifier holds the Identifier of those values.

      The Screen Action will look similar to the following image:

      The action queries the database for the autocomplete suggestions that appear below the Input field.

    After these steps the search field shows a list of suggestions that changes as you type:

    To access the Identifier of the selected user use the Input_AutoComplete_GetIdentifier Server Action to access the Identifier of the selected user.