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How to Call a Block Action in a Mobile Screen

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    When working with big forms, I need to split them into several Blocks. In the mobile screen containing those Blocks, how can I trigger the validation actions of each Block?


    To trigger a Block action in a mobile screen, you need to:

    1. Create a top Container in the Block. This will allow you to access the Block as the parent element of the Container. In this example, the name of the top Container is Root.

    2. In the OnReady action of the Block, use a JavaScript node to define a JavaScript function that will expose the Block actions. In this example, validatePhone function exposes ValidatePhoneNumber Block action, using the top Container rootId to access the Block parent element:

      var wbElement = document.getElementById($parameters.rootId).parentElement;
      wbElement.validatePhone = $actions.ValidatePhoneNumber;

    3. Pass the Id of the top Container as a parameter to the JavaScript node:

    4. In the consumer screen, use a JavaScript node to access the JavaScript function defined in the Block DOM element, passing the Block Id as a parameter. In this example, we use the BlockId to get Block DOM element and call its validatePhone function:

      var wbElement = document.getElementById($parameters.BlockId);

    An improved approach is to put this second piece of JavaScript code inside a global Client Action (for example, PhoneNumberValidate(PhoneNumberBlockId)), so the caller Screen runs low code.

    You can only select a block "Id" runtime property in the Expression Editor if you have given the block a name. In the example above, the source block name is "PhoneNumber", but after dragging it into the consumer screen (creating a block instance) it was named "PhoneNumberBlock" in the properties editor.

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