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Applies only to Traditional Web Apps

How to use the List Sort Column Widget with a SQL query

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  • How can I dynamically sort a Table Records fed by a SQL query using the List Sort Column Rich Widget?


    To to use the List Sort Column widget with a SQL query follow these steps:

    1. Add a query Parameter to the SQL query define the Name as SORT, the Data Type as Text and the Expand Inline Property to Yes.

      Setting the Expand Inline Property to Yes allows the use of the Query Parameter as part of the SQL code that will be sent to the database at runtime.

    2. Add the SQL snippet ORDER BY @SORT to your SQL query.

    3. Define the SORT Parameter of your SQL query as List_SortColumn_GetOrderBy(<TableRecordsName>.Id,DefaultOrder:"{<Entity>}.[<Attribute>]"), where DefaultOrder:"{<Entity>}.[<Attribute>]" defines that by default the SQL query will be sorted ascendantly by Attribute <Attribute> (of the Entity <Entity>), and <TableRecordsName> is the name of the Table Records.

      SORT query Parameter

      The List_SortColumn_GetOrderBy() function returns the column to sort by.

    4. Implement List Sort Column Rich Widgets in your Table Records Widget as you would do if you were using an Aggregate:

      • Drag a List Sort Column to each of the columns that will be used to sort the SQL query.
      • Set the Column and OnNotify > Destination Properties for each List Sort Column.
      • Add a Refresh Data node (with the SQL query as the Data Source to be fetched) and an Ajax Refresh node (with the Table Records Widget as the Widget or Web Block to refresh).