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How to change the timeout of a session in a Web Application at runtime

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  • How can I change the session timeout in a Web Application at runtime?


    To change a module's session timeout at runtime (whenever a session starts) follow these steps:

    1. In Service Studio create a .NET Extension module. When Integration Studio opens create an action, SetSessionTimeout, with one Integer Input, Minutes, and one Boolean Output, Success.

    2. Click Edit Source Code .NET and add the following snippet to the Action:

      ssSuccess = false; 
          HttpContext.Current.Session.Timeout = ssMinutes;
          ssSuccess = true;
      catch (Exception e)
      ssSuccess = false;
    3. 1-Click Publish the Extension.

    4. Inside Service Studio reference the SetSessionTimeout Action in the module where you want to change the session timeout.

    5. In the Logic Tab right-click the Server Actions Folder and select Add System Event, On Session Start.

    6. Add the SetSessionTimeout Action to the On Session Start flow.

      This sets the new session timeout when a session starts.

    You can customize your On Session Start flow and use the Success Boolean Output to get feedback from the Action.
    You can set a Site Property as the Minutes Input Parameter from SetSessionTimeout to be able to change your session timeout without republishing your module (with every change to the session timeout duration).
    You can also call your SetSessionTimeout from other actions and modify your session timeout dynamically at runtime.

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