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How to Clone a Module into Another Application

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    How do I clone a module into another application in Service Studio?

    Clone the module

    1. Open the module you wish to clone in Service Studio

    2. Click the 'Module' menu at the top of your screen and click 'Clone':

      Clone Menu Location

    A clone of the module has now been created.

    Clone Module Confirmation

    Press the 1-Click Publish button to publish it to your environment:

    1 Click Publish button

    The published module will reside in the 'Independent Modules' Application.

    Move the module to new application

    1. Open the 'Independent Modules' Application in Service Studio:

      Independent Modules Application Icon

    2. Press the arrow button on the right of the cloned module:

      1-Click Publish button

    3. Select the application you would like to move the cloned module to and press the 'Move' button:

      1-Click Publish button

    You have now successfully cloned a module from one application to another.

    1-Click Publish button

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