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Applies only to Reactive Web Apps

How to save changes to the Data Grid Reactive

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  • This example shows how to edit the Grid data and save those changes to the database.


    • Complete How to edit data in the Grid component.

    • Select the Grid component and on the Properties tab, enter a Name.

      In this example, ProductGrid is entered.

      Enter name for Grid component

    • Add a Save button to the screen.

      In this example, the button is added to the Actions placeholder.

      This button saves the changed data in the grid to the server's database.

      Add Save button

    • On the Properties tab, from the On Click dropdown, select New Client Action.

      Create a new client action for the Save button

    • Add a Run Client Action to the flow, select the GetChangedLines from the API_Data folder, and click OK.

      Add a Run Client Action to the flow

    • Enter the GridWidgetId.

      In this example, ProductGrid.Id is entered.

      Enter the Grid Widget Id

    • Add a JSON Deserialize to the flow.

      The JSON Deserialize node is added because any data changed in the Grid is in JSON format.

      Add JSON Deserialize to flow

    • From the JSON String dropdown, select ChangedLines.EditedLines of the client action GetChangedLines.

      Select JSON Strint

    • From the Data Type dropdown, select List and select the relevant element type from the list.

      In this example, the Sample_Product aggregate is used so the Data Type is Sample_Product List.

      Select Data Type

      Note: It is necessary to select the correct Data Type to deserialize the changed data.

    • On the Logic tab, create a Server Action and add an input parameter. The input parameter receives the data to be updated in the database. Select the input parameter's Data Type, in this example, Sample_Product List.

      Create Server Action Data Type

    • Add the logic that updates the data in the database.

      In this example the following is added:

      Logic Property Value
      For Each Record List EditedProducts (Input Parameter)
      Run Server Action Source EditedProducts.Current

      Add logic to update data in DB

    • Return to the Save button logic and call the UpdateProducts server action and set the EditedProdcuts to the output of the JSON Deserialize node.

      Call UpdateProducts server action

    • After saving the data in the database, you must remove the change indicator in each of the cells. To do this, call the MarkChangesAsSaved API client action and set the GridWidgetId to the Grid Id.

      Remove change indicator

    After following these steps and publishing the module, you can test the component in your app. If you change cell contents and then click Save changes, the data is saved in the database and the change indicator in each of the cells disappear.


    Remove change indicator

    Remove change indicator

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