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Applies only to Reactive Web Apps

How to edit data in the Data Grid Reactive

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  • This example shows how to edit data in the Grid using columns.


    • Complete How to use the Data Grid component.

    • Select the Grid component, and on the Properties tab, expand Optional Configs and set the AllowColumnEdit property to True.

      This allows the Grid values to be edited.

    Set AllowColumnEdit property

    1. In the Toolbox, search for Column.

      The Grid Column widgets are displayed.

    Search for Column widget

    1. Drag the relevant Column type to the GridColumnsPlaceholder.

      In this example, the Text Column is used.

    Drag Text Column to placeholder

    1. On the Text Column Properties tab, enter the Header and Binding information.

      The Header property displays in the column’s header. In this example, "Name" is entered.

      The Binding property displays the name of the entity and the attribute in the column. In this example, the entity is called Sample_Product and the Attribute is Name, so the Binding property is "Sample_Product.Name".

      Drag Text Column to placeholder

    2. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for the Column widgets you want to display on your Grid.

      This examples uses the following:

      Widget Property
      Number Column Header: "Stock"
      Binding: "Sample_Product.Stock"
      Currency Column Header: "Price"
      Binding: "Sample_Product.Price"
      Checkbox Column Header: "Is Favorite"
      Binding: "Sample_Product.IsFavourite"

      Drag more columns to the placeholder

    After following these steps and publishing the module, you can test the component in your app. Double-click a cell to edit it's content.



    Note: When you edit a cell, that cell and the corresponding line is marked with a black triangle to indicate a change in data.

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