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How to create alerts based on monitoring thresholds

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  • You can create custom alerts based on your application operations monitoring thresholds by using OutSystems APIs and metadata:

    • Extend OutSystems built-in application operations
    • Create your own logic for alerts with thresholds
    • Integrate with external ITSM tools

    Step 1 - gather data

    OutSystems provides a set of APIs that can be used to analyze application events and even register events defined by you.

    The Monitoring API provides a GET RequestEvents method to gather over 100 properties of application events.

    As and example, you can gather information regarding:

    • Managed consumed resources as a way to manage app capacity and quotas (e.g. consumed APIs)
    • Request duration - time that passed from the moment the user made the request until the browser finished processing the response.
    • Browser load time - time that the browser took to process the response. The load time includes for example the page rendering and the JavaScript execution.
    • Request server time - total time the server spent serving the request.
    • Query, service action, integration, timer and extension time - total time spent executing queries, calling service, integration, and extension actions as well as the time spent executing timers.
    • Number of errors executing queries, screens, integrations, extensions and timers.

    Check the Monitoring API resources for all the details.

    To gather details about each specific error, you can also query the log data.

    You can also define your own custom events either using the POST RequestEvents of the Monitoring API or the LogMessage built-in action to log informations in your application flows.

    Step 2 - consume data and user-defined thresholds

    Both the API data and the log data can them be consumed where you define custom logic for thresholds that will trigger alerts. You can build it using OutSystems logic or consume this data in any other third party application.

    Step 3 - trigger alerts and integration with 3rd party tools

    Thresholds defined in your logic can trigger email notifications or call webservices to:

    • create tickets in ITSM tools such as ServiceNow, Zendesk, Jira or Opsgenie
    • send Slack messages
    • integrate with any external service that exposes a webservice

    OutSystems Email capabilities allow you to send emails from both web, reactive and mobile apps.

    You can even customize and extend the design of your emails using the Emails API.

    Most ITSM and messaging tools expose functionality in the form of webservices, such as the ServiceNow REST API, Slack API, Jira API and Opsgenie API just to name a few.

    With OutSystems you can integrate with anything, consuming REST APIs and SOAP Web Services easily. Use these capabilities to create tickets or incidents to be handled by your IT services.

    Check pre-built integrations for Zendesk and Jira

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