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How to set up IIS as a Reverse Proxy

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  • This document is part of the document How to automate Docker container deployment with Jenkins and instructs you how to set up Internet Information Services (IIS) for Windows as a reverse proxy for the test scenario.

    In this example, we use a single Windows Server as both our Containers Machine and the reverse proxy.

    The Containers Machine

    • Windows Server 2016
    • IIS (version 10+), to be used as a reverse proxy
    • Docker Enterprise Edition (latest version)
    • Jenkins (version 2+ 64 bit)

    Additional IIS setup requirements

    Make sure you:

    Install the extensions on your own, or use this script to automate the installation. Note that this script requires that the PowerShell Execution Policy is set to Unrestricted. For more info check About Execution Policies at Microsoft PowerShell documentation.

    Configure the network

    Configure your network like this:

    • The OutSystems Machine is accessible from the address defined in the Global Deployment Zone (e.g
    • The Container Machine is accessible from the given address defined in a Deployment Zone (e.g
    • The Container Machine is accessible to the OutSystems Machine from the port configured for Jenkins (default is 8080)
    • Both machines can reach the OutSystems database

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