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How to parse XML files with XPath expressions

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  • How can I use XPath to extract values from an XML file?

    For example: The following XML file contains books from different categories (cooking books, children books and web books) with information about each book's title, author, publishing year and price.

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
        <book category="children">
            <title lang="en">Harry Potter</title>
            <author>J K. Rowling</author>
        <book category="web">
            <title lang="en">XPath Basics</title>
            <author>Omar Little</author>
        <book category="web">
            <title lang="en">Learning XML</title>
            <author>Erik T. Ray</author>

    How can I extract the information only for the web books?


    OutSystems has an XML Extension that can parse, manipulate and serialize XML files. It includes support for XPath expressions.

    To extract the web books information from the XML file follow these steps:

    1. Add the following Dependencies to your Module:

      • BinaryDataToText from the BinaryData Extension
      • XmlDocument_Load_v2 from the Xml Extension
      • XmlDocument_SelectNodes from the Xml Extension
      • XmlElement_GetInnerText from the Xml Extension
      • XmlElement_SelectSingleNode from the Xml Extension
      • XmlNodeList_Count from the Xml Extension
      • XmlNodeList_Item from the Xml Extension
    2. Create a Book Structure with Title (Text), Author (Text), Year (Integer) and Price (Decimal) Attributes.

    3. Create a Server Action and add the following Variables:

      • XML: Mandatory Input Parameter of Binary Data Data Type
      • Encoding: Optional Input Parameter of Text Data Type
      • Current: Local Variable of Integer Data Type with a Default Value of 0
      • Book: Local Variable of Book Data Type
      • Books: Output Parameter of Book List Data Type

      The Server Action will receive an XML file and an optional Encoding argument and will return a List of Books extracted from the XML file.

    4. Add a XmlDocument_Load_v2 Action from the XML Extension and set the Xml input to:


      This converts the XML Binary file to text and loads it into a DOM object.

    5. Add a XmlDocument_SelectNodes Action from the XML Extension after the previous action. Set the XmlDocument input to XmlDocument_Load_v2.XmlDocument and set the XPathString input to "/bookstore/book[@category='web']".

      This returns an XPath filtered list of books that belong to the web category.

    6. Add a XmlNodeList_Count Action from the XML Extension after the previous action and set the XmlNodeList input to XmlDocument_SelectNodes.XmlNodeList.

      This counts the total number of web books in the filtered list.

    7. Add an If node after the previous Action and set the Condition to Current < XmlNodeList_Count.Count.

      This creates a loop that stops when the Current Variable is equal to the total number of web books in the filtered list.

    8. Add a XmlNodeList_Item Action from the XML Extension to the side of the If and link it to the True Branch. Set the XmlNodeList input to XmlDocument_SelectNodes.XmlNodeList and Index input to Current.

      This fetches one of the web books (using the Current Variable).

    9. Add a XmlElement_SelectSingleNode Action from the XML Extension after the previous Action. Set the XmlElement input to XmlNodeList_Item.XmlNode and the XPathString input to "title".

      This selects the title node of the current web book.

    10. Add a XmlElement_GetInnerText Action from the XML Extension after the previous Action and set the XmlElement input to XmlElement_SelectSingleNode.XmlNode.

      This fetches the title of the current web book.

    11. Repeat the previous 2 steps for the author, year and price attributes. Make sure you change the inputs accordingly.

      This selects and fetches the remaining information of the current web book.

    12. Add an Assign node after the XmlElement_GetInnerText4 Action and set the following Assignments:

      • Current = Current+1
      • Book.Title = XmlElement_GetInnerText.InnerText
      • Book.Author = XmlElement_GetInnerText2.InnerText
      • Book.Year = TextToInteger(XmlElement_GetInnerText3.InnerText)
      • Book.Price = TextToDecimal(XmlElement_GetInnerText4.InnerText)

      This assigns the gathered information to the Book Local Variable.

    13. Add a ListAppend after the Assign and connect it to the If . Set the List input to Books and the Element input to Book.

      This adds the information of the current web book to the Books Output.

    The Server Action will look similar to the following image:

    XML Parse Server Action