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Introduction to Experience Builder

Experience Builder is a Software as a Service (SaaS) tool that accelerates the creation of pixel-perfect mobile apps with great UX, by helping you create prototypes of your next mobile app. The best UX that's typically present in B2C apps can also be used for your B2B and B2E projects.

Experience Builder in action

OutSystems Team Leaders and Developers, as well as UX/UI Designers working with OutSystems teams, can use Experience Builder to do the following:

  • Use pre-built app templates or start from a blank template to create a fully working prototype of a mobile app.

  • Do basic customization of the mobile app, by changing the icon, defining a splash screen, and selecting a primary color.

  • Create the user journey and experience by stitching use cases and screens together.

  • Define the app menu.

  • Publish and preview the mobile app on browsers (PWAs) and devices to get meaningful feedback as soon as possible.

All generated code is built following best practices to ensure a sound and scalable architecture.

After your team and your stakeholders are happy with the user journeys of your mobile app, an OutSystems Team Leader, or an OutSystems Developer, can open and evolve the app in Service Studio.

Start from an app template

If you don't want to start from scratch, Experience Builder includes several templates that help you accelerate the creation of your mobile app. The following app templates are available:

Onboarding + Login
Template that includes an onboarding and login flow, to help you get started with any app that requires a login.
Mobile Banking
Template for an app where banks can offer services to their customers via their smartphone or tablet, such as account and card management, transfers, and payments. Banks providing this service can better communicate and understand customer needs and behaviors.
Customer Insurance
Template for an app built with the insurance customer in mind. Policyholders can easily access their policy, coverage, and premium information. They can check their due payments, file a claim, and get in touch with their insurance company using the app's chat, phone, or email.
Product & Checkout
Template for an app where a business can show and sell their products by displaying list of items and their details. Customers can save favorite items to buy later or proceed to checkout immediately. They can also use the app to find physical stores by location.
Patient Healthcare
Template for an app where healthcare patients can schedule and cancel appointments, request prescriptions, and easily access their medical records. Users can also manage their medication, making sure they take their medicines correctly. Top that up with the ability to manage family members and you have a well-rounded app to help you get started.

Start using Experience Builder

If you are an OutSystems Team Leader check out how Experience Builder works and how to set up Experience Builder. After everything is set up, check out how to use Experience Builder.

If you are an OutSystems Developer or a UX/UI Designer check out how to use Experience Builder.

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