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Experience Builder FAQ

Can I add a flow more than once in the same app?

No. In Experience Builder, you can only add one instance of a flow to each app.

Note that Empty Screens aren’t considered flows, and you can add them multiple times. Furthemore each Empty Screen can have a different name and content. All the Empty Screens of your app are placed in a flow called “Others”.

Do the flow/screen names in Experience Builder match the flow/screen you see when you open the generated app inService Studio?

This also means that the naming conventions and restrictions that exist in Service Studio also apply to Experience Builder.

Note that the Empty Screens are a particular case - since they don’t belong to a flow, they are placed in a flow called Others.

Why does Experience Builder ask for such high-resolution images for both app icon and splash screen?

Experience Builder asks for native app icons images with 1024x1024 and splash screen images with 2048x2048 to ensure the creation of all the image sizes needed to publish your mobile app in Google and Apple app stores.

Experience Builder packages all these images in a zip file with the correct folders structure, and adds all the extensibility configurations required to use all these assets once you publish your app.

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