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How to show records side by side in a List Record widget



Is it possible to customize the layout to show records side-by-side, as follows?

Record1               Record3               Record5
Record2               Record4

In the standard table grid layout each record is displayed below each other as follows:



Use the List Records widget to better manipulate the way the information is displayed on your Web Screen.

record list.png

After you select the List Records widget to use in your Web Screen you just need to go to the properties of the widget and set the Line Separator property to None so the records can be displayed side-by-side.

record list2.png

After you performed these configurations your layout may look similar to the following screenshot. You can see more useful UI patterns by looking into the SILKUI component available on Forge.

record list3.png

The following example OML shows how to use the List Records widget to provide the look and feel above.

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