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How to grant and revoke granular permissions

How can I give end-users the ability to assign fine-grained permissions?

For example: I want to implement permissions to View, Print, Edit and Delete and I want these roles to be granted and revoked by certain end-users of the Application and not the development team.


To give end-users the ability to grant and revoke fine-grained permissions follow these steps:

  1. Create a role for each granular permission in a Module of your Application.

  2. Use the role functions to restrict or allow access on your screens and logic:

    • CheckViewRole()
    • CheckPrintRole()
    • CheckEditRole()
    • CheckDeleteRole()
  3. Create a back-office screen and use the related role actions to manage the permissions:

    • GrantViewRole(), RevokeViewRole()
    • GrantPrintRole(), RevokePrintRole()
    • GrantEditRole(), RevokeEditRole()
    • GrantDeleteRole(), RevokeDeleteRole()