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How to delete data from Entities

How do I erase test data from Entities?

For example: I have two Entities (Location and Store) with test data, and I wish to clear them both.


Note: My Store Entity has a Foreign Key to my Location Entity.


To delete all test data from your Entities you need to create your own logic and a back office screen. Follow these steps:

  1. Create a new Server Action (in this case ClearData) and add a SQL Query. Add a "dummy" Output Entity/Structure to the SQL Query, in this case Location.

  2. Add the following SQL snippet to the SQL Query:

    DELETE FROM {Store};
    DELETE FROM {Location};

    This will first delete all data from the Store Entity and then it will delete all data from the Location Entity. The order of deletion is important, first delete data from the child Entity (that references another Entity) and only then delete data from the parent Entity.

    Server Action and SQL Query

  3. Create a new Web Screen (in this case BackOffice), add a Button to it and set the On Click>Destination to a new Screen Action, in this case ClearTestData.

  4. Inside the ClearTestData Screen Action call the ClearData Server Action.

    Screen Action