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How to debug multiple eSpaces


I have a Producer eSpace containing the functions to save data in the database. I have a Consumer eSpace containing a Web frontend. The Web frontend eventually calls a function from the Producer eSpace. How can I debug the two eSpaces in a successful manner?


First, you need to open two tabs in Service Studio with the eSpaces you want to debug.

Then, you should publish both of them: first the producer and then the consumer in order to make sure dependencies are refreshed and the public area is equal to the eSpace you are trying to debug.

In the producer eSpace, go to Debugger > Select Entry Module:

And set the consumer eSpace as the Entry Module:

Then, after setting all the breakpoints you need, in both eSpaces, go to Debugger > Debug in Public Area:

Now, you just need to proceed with the process to trigger the breakpoints you set. Once you get to the action being consumed, click on "Step Into" in the debugger actions tab to trigger the breakpoints in the producer module.