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How to combine a line graph with a bar chart


How do I create a chart that is a combination of line graph and bar chart?


OutSystems Platform relies on Highcharts to create charts. Craft custom JSON to customize the action AdvancedFormat_Init from Charts:

  • Define the two Y axis in the property HighchartsJSON;
  • Display a data series as a line associated with the second Y axis, using the property DataSeriesFormats.

The example below uses DataPoint_Init to generate data for a ColumnChart. Each point defines:

  • The label in the X axis, for example "Jun-14";
  • The value, for example 180;
  • The data series of the data, for example "Birth Certificate".

The example JSON below defines two Y axis:

  • A primary Y axis, untitled;
  • A secondary Y axis, untitled, in the opposite side of the chart, with a different labels formatted as percentages.
yAxis: [
    { // Primary yAxis
        title: { text: '' },
    { // Secondary yAxis
        title: { text: '' },
        labels: { format: '{value} %' },
        opposite: true

The example below initializes an AdvandedDataSeriesFormat to customize a data series.

  • Defines the name of the data series as "% Self-service";
  • Displays the data series as a line;
  • Associates the data series with the second Y axis.

The customization must then be packed into a list.

The sample action AdvancedFormat_Init sets the advanced customizations:

Finally, the ColumnChart refers to the the AdvancedFormat:

More Information

An example of a combination line and bar chart in Highcharts, the underlying platform for charts in OutSystems.

The component Line and Pie Graphs enhancements on the OutSystems Forge enhances some platform graphs.