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How to archive Business Process Technology (BPT) processes


How can I archive Business Process Technology (BPT) processes?

Queries on BPT processes have became slower, because so many processes have accumulated over time. However, I must keep the data for logging or legal reasons, even if it is not directly accessible from the applications.


  1. Create a separate set of entities to archive the data, if needed.
  2. Use the actions Process_Delete or Process_BulkDelete to delete part of the BPI data.

Business Process Technology relies on a set of meta-model entities to record data required by your business processes. When using BPT intensively, these entities can have a high growth rate and affect the performance of BPI queries. Create a separate set of entities to archive the data in these entities.


The BPT_API extension, included in System Components, can delete processes since revisions and

  • Process_Delete deletes processes individually.
  • Process_BulkDelete deletes processes in bulk, according to a criteria.



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