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Delegate activities

You can enable the delegation of cases and activities from the assigned user to another user. You can limit a delegation to a specific time or delegate indefinitely.

After a case or activity is delegated, the delegate user can perform tasks on the case or activity.

Create, update or delete a delegation

Enable users to create, update, or delete a delegation using the Delegate_Create, Delegate_CreateOrUpdate, Delegate_Update, Delegate_Delete actions located in the CaseConfigurations_API module.

The FromGroupId and FromGroupExtendeId attributes aren't implemented in the current version of Case Management framework.

To delegate the work for a set amount of time, use the From and To attributes.

Validate a delegation

Validate a delegation using the Delegation_IsValid action from the CaseServices_API module.

Fetch current delegations

The following actions from the CaseServices_API module allow you to check delegations:

Case and Activity actions that check delegations

The following actions from the CaseServices_API module check active delegations:

When using these actions keep the following in mind:

  • Set the DelegatedBy attribute as the UserId of the user originally assinged to the case or activity.

  • If you use the action for a case used under delegation, the information regarding the user that performed the action and by who delegated it, is logged in the case’s history.

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