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Case Management

OutSystems allows you to develop apps to help you automate and improve work patterns in your organization, whether these work patterns are structured or unstructured.

Case management apps are useful for tackling unstructured work patterns based on loosely linked processes with workflows that can change with each case. Cases are usually triggered by events, and highly dependent on data and collaboration between human participants. Examples of case management apps are operation apps, like a ticketing system, and Line-of-Business (LoB) apps, like a claim handling app.

Create case management apps

Use the Case Management framework to create your next case management app.
The Case Management framework abstracts some of the complexity of Business Process Technology (BPT) while also adding built-in features that are specially tailored for case management apps, like case delegation, Service-Level Agreement (SLA) definition and events, and case auditing. Check out the Case Management framework docs to learn more about the framework and how to create your next case management app.

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