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Introduction to Architecture Dashboard


Introduction to Architecture Dashboard


Architecture Dashboard is an OutSystems developer's assistant. It helps developers follow best practices and avoid common pitfalls while developing their applications. It analyzes low-code implementation and execution metrics before recommending solutions to help improve performance, security, architecture, and user experience of OutSystems applications.

Why Architecture Dashboard is needed

Even with a rapid application development platform, there are a number of development best practices that must be followed to ensure a good overall quality of the delivered applications, especially in terms of performance, usability, and maintainability.

Architecture Dashboard adds to OutSystems Platform's own built-in mechanisms and provides developers with an automated and reliable tool to ensure that they're following recommended best practices in major areas like Architecture, Performance, and Security.

For development team leaders, it provides an integrated view of all the findings that may be causing quality issues in the team's applications. It also aids in prioritizing recommendations to be tackled between different developers.

What Architecture Dashboard analyzes

Architecture Dashboard performs 2 different types of analysis which combine to provide added context and greater relevance in findings: Code Analysis and Runtime Performance Analysis.

Code Analysis

To analyze the produced low-code, Architecture Dashboard runs a set of predefined rules through probes connected with Modules, with the goal of uncovering code patterns in the following categories:

  • Performance
  • Architecture
  • Maintainability
  • Security

Check here for the list of patterns currently being analyzed

Runtime Performance Analysis

Regarding runtime performance analysis, Architecture Dashboard uses the analytics data from LifeTime, which is crossed with the code findings to display the most relevant and urgent cases for improvement, effectively helping address runtime performance issues.

How to access it?

Go to and login with your OutSystems account.

To access Architecture Dashboard recommendations, your OutSystems installation must first be registered. Please check how to do it in the installation topic.

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