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How to use a proxy to connect to Architecture Dashboard

The Architecture Dashboard plugin can use a forward proxy while connecting to the Architecture Dashboard Software as a Service (SaaS).


Before configuring the proxy in Architecture Dashboard, make sure that the following requirements are met:

  • Your infrastructure uses version 4.0 or higher of the Architecture Dashboard probes.

Configure the forward proxy

To configure the proxy, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Architecture Dashboard LifeTime plugin (https://<lifetime_environment>/ArchitectureDashboardProbe/) and select Configuration.

    Go to the plugin configuration

  2. In the Configuration screen, turn on the Proxy authentication toggle.

    Turn on the Proxy authentication

  3. In the Proxy configuration section, enter the proxy URL and the credentials.

  4. Select Save and update.

    Enter proxy information and save changes

After these steps the Architecture Dashboard plugin uses the proxy you configured when connecting to the Architecture Dashboard SaaS.

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