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How to Export a Performance Assessment


Since it’s becoming more and more necessary to make Performance Assessments on a daily basis, the Architecture Dashboard team gathered the information that is needed to perform it in order to facilitate the execution of the Service goal.

After completing this how-to you will have a step-by-step on how to export a Performance Assessment via Probe installed in LifeTime.

  1. Install the pre-requirements in the LifeTime machine: CryptoAPI, ArdoJSON and TimeZone.

  2. Also publish the solution LifeTime Probe in the LifeTime Service Center.

  3. Configure LifeTime Plugin with the option QA (Runtime Performance) in the environment where the customer intends to export the performance data for analysis (please note that the LifeTime Analytics as to be connected to the same environment).

  4. Click Save and activate the Probe.

  5. In the Plugin monitoring page, download the Performance JSON.


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