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How to Connect Your LifeTime account with Architecture Dashboard


How to Connect Your LifeTime account with Architecture Dashboard


Make sure that your Architecture Dashboard Probes are updated to the latest available version. For any questions, please check the latest Probes Version in the Architecture Dashboard Release Notes page.

When your account isn't associated with any platform installation, whenever you try to login Architecture Dashboard you will find this message:


To be able to use Architecture Dashboard you need to connect your LifeTime account with Architecture Dashboard.

To connect your account:

  1. Log Off from Architecture Dashboard if you are logged in.

  2. Go to LifeTime and Login with your Username (presumably not the same as the Community account).

  3. Click the More tab and select Architecture Dashboard .

  4. Click the Go to Architecture Dashboard button.

  5. Login with your Community Username and Password.

  6. After the login a statement about how we handle your data will appear. Read it carefully.

  7. Click the checkbox to agree with the privacy statement.

  8. Click Agree and continue to proceed to Architecture Dashboard and complete the connection between your LifeTime Account and Architecture Dashboard.

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