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Architecture Dashboard Release Notes


Architecture Dashboard Release Notes


October 2019 (R1909)

Current Probes Version: ArcDashPrb_V1

This release was mainly focused on allowing the customer to be self-sufficient when registering a new infrastructure and addressing synchronization and login issues, making the tool more stable.

It was also made a rebranding of the tool that is now called Architecture Dashboard.


Code Analysis Patterns

  • Temporarily suspended pattern “Avoid hard-coded literals”

    • Due to the fact that this pattern created a huge amount of false positives it has been suspended while the algorithm is improved.

New Features

  • The customer now has the possibility to register a new infrastructure directly in the tool without having to send an email request to support by clicking the “Register for the Early Access” button on the login screen.


  • It is possible to create reports, with scores, showing the overall analysis of the infrastructure and export then in PDF format (available only to users with lifetime's admin role)


  • Added the capability of recognizing modules of type “Library” as defined in Discovery


  • The login mechanism was updated to address reported problems of users not being able to login to the tool

  • The tool was upgraded to support analysis with a large number of findings


LifeTime Plugin


  • The layout of the probes was updated to reflect the new name/logo of the tool (Architecture Dashboard)

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