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Features currently unavailable

There are some feature differences between this new version and your existing Service Studio.

  • Developing Traditional Web apps isn't possible yet.

  • The rendering of outlines that show up when you are dropping widgets into tight places isn't available yet. Hint: if you encounter issues, use the Widget Tree.

  • In the UI main editor, the toggles for some widgets (for example, List or Table widgets) don't have the final experience.

  • Context menus icons, display and styling are still under development.

  • The following features of the flow editor for actions, processes, and UI flows aren't available yet:

    • Zoom.

    • Export to an Image.

  • Configuring apps with multi-language isn't possible yet.

  • Integrations: Consuming SOAP web services and SAP Remote Functions isn't supported.

  • Interactive tutorials aren't available yet.

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