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Solution Pack Tool (OSPTool) Command Line Reference

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  • This article applies to: OutSystems 11  Other versions available: 10

    The Solution Pack Tool (OSPTool) allows you to publish OutSystems solutions on an environment.

    The default path of the Solution Pack Tool command line is the following:

    C:\Program Files\Common Files\OutSystems\<version>\

    The Solution Pack Tool command line returns non-zero values when an error occurs.

    Syntax /Publish {<osp_file>|<oap_file>} <hostname> <username> <password>
        | /PublishFactory <hostname> <username> <password>


    /Publish {<osp_file>|<oap_file>} <hostname> <username> <password>

    Publishes the specified OutSystems Solution Pack (.osp) or OutSystems Application Pack (.oap) file.

    /PublishFactory <hostname> <username> <password>

    Publishes all non-system components in the Environment specified by hostname. This helps to apply patch updates.


    Publish an OutSystems Solution Pack (file.osp) file: /Publish "file.osp" <hostname> <username> <password>

    Publish an entire factory: /PublishFactory <hostname> <username> <password>
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