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  • Use the Download Tool to send a file to a user. This is an element that ends the action flow, so it is not possible to define new actions after it. If the Ajax Submit method is used to trigger the download, the download will not work.


    Name Description Mandatory Default value Observations
    File Content Holds the file selected by the user. Yes
    File Name Text literal or expression with the name of the file, including the extension. Yes
    Mime-Type Text literal or expression specifying the media type of the file. Yes "application/octet-stream" Example values:
    – "application/x-msexcel";
    – "application/msword";
    – "application/pdf";
    – "image/gif";
    – "text/html";
    – "video/avi";
    – "audio/wav".
    Save to Disk Set to Yes to allow the user to open or save the file. Yes Yes
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