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  • Comment is a tool that lets you add a text box with code comments for developers. Comments are handy when you need to add remarks or reminders for yourself or team members.

    If you write TODO, TBD, or REMINDER in uppercase, the comment shows in the TrueChange™ tab. You can also set Is Reminder of any comment to Yes to make it visible in the tab.

    You can add links in comments by using the a HTML tag. For example: This a <a href="https:\\">link to a website</a>.

    Comment in a toolbox


    Name Description Mandatory Default value Observations
    Text Text to display. The HTML a tag is allowed. "Write your comment here"
    Is Reminder Set to Yes to have the comment displayed as a reminder in the TrueChange tab. Yes No The upper-cased keywords TODO, TBD, and REMINDER automatically set the comment as a reminder.
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