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Ajax Refresh

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  • Use the Ajax Refresh element in your flow to refresh parts of the screen without reloading the entire page.

    Keep the following key points in mind when using Ajax Refresh:

    One element
    You can only select one element to refresh in each Ajax Refresh node. To refresh more than one interface element at the same time wrap them inside a Container and then refresh that Container.
    Ajax Submit
    Set Ajax Submit as the Navigation Method of the Link/Button that triggers the Ajax Refresh.
    The element you want to refresh using Ajax Refresh must have a Name.
    Web Block Preparation
    If you use Ajax Refresh to refresh a Web Block, the Preparation of the Web Block will be re-executed.
    Refresh order
    Multiple Ajax Refresh nodes in the same action flow are executed in the order defined in the action flow.


    Name Description Mandatory Default value Observations
    Widget or Web Block Specifies a widget or block to refresh. Yes
    Row Number Number of the row to refresh. If undefined, refreshes all the rows in the widget. Can be an expression.
    Animation Effect Type of animation applied to the widget when refreshed. Yes None The possible values are: None, Highlight, Fade, Vertical Slide.
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