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Applies only to Traditional Web Apps
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Section Index Reference

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  • Layout and classes

    CSS selectors

    Element CSS Class Description
    .section-index Defines if the SectionIndex position is fixed or not
    .section-index-item Defines the current active link

    Advanced use case

    Change active color

    1. Write the following CSS in the CSS editor and change the yourcolor. {
          border-left-color: yourcolor;
          color: yourcolor;
    2. Or using CSS variables: var(--color-yourcolor). {
          border-left-color: var(--color-yourcolor);
          color: var(--color-yourcolor);

    For RTL compatibility, make sure to also add the following code:

    .is-rtl {
        border-right-color: yourcolor;
        color: yourcolor;
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