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Header Row Widget

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    Widget containing the cells that are part of the header row of a Table Records Widget.

    Header Row widget selected in Service Studio

    When you add a Table Records Widget to a screen, the table gets a Header Row Widget automatically. To hide the header row of the table, set the Show Header property of the Table Records Widget to No.

    Each time you add or remove a new attribute to the Table Records Widget, Service Studio adds or removes a table Cell to/from both the Header Row and the regular table Rows used to display data.

    For example, in a Table Records Widget where you added two attributes, this is the result in the widget tree, with one Header Row and one Row (at design time), each containing two Cells:

    Widget Tree view of a Table Records Widget

    Tip: If you want to have a fixed table header and keep a scrollable list of table rows for the data, check How to scroll records in a table with a fixed header.


    Name Description Mandatory Default value Observations
    Extended Properties
    Property Name of an attribute to add to the HTML translation for this element. You can pick a property from the drop-down list or type a free text. The name of the property will not be validated by the platform.

    Duplicated properties are not allowed. Spaces, " or ' are also not allowed.
    Value Value of the attribute. You can type the value directly or write expressions using the Expression Editor.

    If the Value is empty, the corresponding HTML tag is created as property="property". For example, the nowrap property does not require a value, therefore nowrap="nowrap" is added.
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