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Designing Screens

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  • This page contains an overview of widgets. It also links to pages that provide additional information about widgets available to help you design Screens.

    Widgets overview

    Widgets in OutSystems are visual elements that help you to design and organize your app’s user interface. They serve as building blocks to accelerate UI development.

    You can drag widgets to UI Screens, and then set their relevant properties. Widgets appear in the Service Studio toolbox, on the left side of the main screen. Available widgets vary by app type.

    You can use widgets to accelerate the following development tasks, among many others:

    • Display one or more record or line of information with display widgets, such as Table widgets
    • Take input from users with widgets such as Text and Input widgets
    • Use Button or Link widgets to navigate between Screens or to trigger other actions
    • Display one of two areas on a Screen based on a Boolean condition with an If Widget
    • Provide yes or no input options or one selection out of many options with Checkbox or Radio Button widgets
    • Use Container widgets to group other widgets and to apply styles to them
    • Create reusable UI elements for use within an app or across apps with Block or Web Block widgets

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