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Applies only to Mobile Apps and Reactive Web Apps
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  • You can provide a feedback message to the end user by using the Message logic tool within a Client Action flow.

    Using the Message logic tool

    1. Drag the Message logic tool onto the Client Action flow.
    2. Set the message Label, Message, and Type properties.

      In this example, we enter Invalid password in the Message property (the message displayed to the user) and select Error as the message type.

      Drag message logic tool to client action flow

      Invalid password message

    The available predefined message types are as follows:

    • Info

      Info message example

    • Success

      Success message example

    • Warning

      Warning message example

    • Error

      Error message example


    Name Description Mandatory Default value Observations
    Label Identifies an element in the flow.
    Message Message displayed to the user. Yes
    Type Specifies the UI look and feel of the displayed message. Yes Info The possible values are: Info, Success, Warning, and Error.
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