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JSON Serialize

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  • JSON Serialize converts the following data types to JSON data-interchange format text:

    • Record
    • List of Records


    Name Description Mandatory Default value Observations
    Name Identifies an element in the scope where it is defined, like a screen, action, or module. Yes
    Description Text that documents the element. Useful for documentation purpose.
    The maximum size of this property is 2000 characters.
    Data Record or List with the data to be serialized to a JSON string. Yes
    Serialize Default Values Set to Yes to serialize non-mandatory JSON attributes with a default value set. Yes No
    Date Format Date format used in the JSON string. Yes 2014-01-01T00:00:00Z (ISO)

    Runtime Properties

    Name Description Read Only Type Observations
    JSON String in JSON format. Text

    Additional notes

    These are additional notes about JSON Serialize.

    Large numbers

    You may run into issues when running JSON Serialize/Deserialize on the client side (for example, in a Client Action) involving large Long Integer or Decimal values, namely values larger than 9007199254740991.

    When the serialization/deserialization operation occurs in the server context, the .NET limits apply. However, when running these operations in JavaScript on the client side, the JavaScript limits apply.

    JavaScript has a limit when using a Long Integer or Decimal values defined as MAX_SAFE_INTEGER with the value 9007199254740991. Performing a JSON serialization/deserialization operation involving Long Integer or Decimal values larger than MAX_SAFE_INTEGER issues an error.

    To support higher numbers in JavaScript (for example, when using a variable of type Long Integer or Decimal), the platform converts the numbers to strings using a custom serialization method. This way, all the platform's internal communications between client and server use strings and not numbers.

    You can use the same mechanism used by the platform to serialize/deserialize a number value exceeding MAX_SAFE_INTEGER. To do this, execute the JSON serialization/deserialization operation inside a Server Action and not in the client side.

    Serializing default values

    If you set Serialize Default Values to Yes, and you leave the default values empty, the resulting JSON has the JSON equivalents of the default platform values. For example:

    • Empty Boolean converts to false
    • Empty Integer converts to 0
    • Empty DateTime converts to 1900-01-01T00:00:00
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