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Applies only to Mobile Apps and Reactive Web Apps




Date Picker Reference

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  • Events

    Event Name Description Mandatory
    OnSelect Action to execute after selecting a DatePicker day. If SelectInterval is enabled, both parameters return values. If not, only the StartDate has a value. True

    Layout and Classes

    CSS Selectors

    Element CSS Class Description
    td .is-selected Clicked day.
    td .is-startrange If SelectInterval is True , this class will be the start range value.

    Advanced use case

    Customize the available years in the year selection drop-down

    You can customize the year range available in the Date Picker year drop-down using one of the following syntaxes:

    • { yearRange: <number> } – The year drop-down displays a range of years between <number> years back and <number> years forward, counting from the currently selected year. For example:

      { yearRange: 20 }
    • { yearRange: [<start_year>, <end_year>] } – Defines the exact year range available in the year drop-down. For example:

      { yearRange: [1950, 2020] }

    Enter this advanced configuration option in the AdvancedFormat Input Parameter. Remember that you must enter a string value using double quotes.

    For example, if you use the following configuration:

    "{ yearRange: [1950, 2020] }"

    Date Picker AdvancedFormat configuration

    The Date Picker appears as follows:

    Date Picker example in runtime

    Note: If you already have some configuration settings in the AdvancedFormat Input Parameter you must merge any new option with the existing value. The resulting string content must be a valid JSON object.

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